Wire Descaling


Sanding Descaler



  • Very low T.C.O. (<€7,- a ton).
  • ROI within 2 year (anual production of 10.000ton)
  • For cleaning sanding or removing surface defects by means of 2 sanding belts as well as optionally by means of a pressing device
  • 30% more sanding surface than commercially available allows for particularly long sanding belt life and best productivity Suitable for any wire quality
  • Flyer and both sand belt speeds independent and seperate adjustable
  • Noise-proof design on high level Inlet and outfeed sanding belt driven by separate motor (coarse and fine sanding possible) Automatic belt tear control

Wire diameter (low carbon) 5,5 – 15,0 mm (opt. 34 mm)

Wire diameter (high carbon) 5,5 – 15,0 mm (opt. 34 mm)

Wire passing speed up to 3,2 m/s (pay-off speed)

Download product data sheet (PDF)