Wire Descaling


Final descaling machine

Brush Descaler



  • Very low T.C.O. (<€1,50 a ton).
  • ROI within 1 year (anual production of 10.000ton)
  • High efficiency and barely machine stops due to the long life of the cleaning pads.
  • Environmentally- and user friendly Solution for descaling: no use of any chemicals.
  • Easy to install in an existing line.
  • Suitable for Low Carbon wire as well as Medium Carbon and certain types of High Carbon Wire.
  • Suitable for cleaning of other metals like for example; Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Cupper, etc.
  • Adjustable for further processing of wire.
  • Low Noise level.
  • Easy to connect to a dust extraction unit.
  • Less machinestops by longer lifetime (up to at least 40%) of the drawing dies.
  • Easy to use for a single operator (from wire feed up to operating).
  • Cleaning pads (24) can be all exchanged easy and quick by a single operator.
  • For descaling and removing rust after bending descaling
  • Suitable for any thread quality
  • 24 brushes on 2 rotors (rotating against each other)
  • Long service life of brushings up to 2000 tons

Wire diameter: (low carbon): 3 – 10 mm

Wire diameter: (high carbon): 3 – 10 mm

Wire passing speed: up to 10,0 m/s

Download product data sheet (PDF)